A Chance Meeting Helped Me Meet Someone I Would Need Help from Later

I was introduced to a chiropractor in Mesa AZ at a dinner party that I went to one night. He gave me my business card, and I told him that I would call him if I ever needed his services. Like most business cards I receive, his was thrown into one of my desk drawer after I cleaned out my purse. I did not give much thought to it again until a year after he gave it to me and I had been in a bike accident. I learned the hard way that it is important to be careful and to wear protection when you’re on your bike.

My bike of choice is a mountain bike. I don’t do anythings really strenuous. But I do like to go to the many different bike trails around town that are mostly flat. I think that this type of bike is best over a ten-speed bike when you are not riding on the road. My bicycle can take a beating. But being the human I am, I have to learn my limits. I was wandering off a fairly tame path one day when I saw other more experienced bikers going off into the woods on a more rocky path. I was feeling a bit sure of myself and started peddling fast through a pretty rocky area and then my bike hit a large rock. I flipped right over the handle bars! I hurt myself pretty good, too.

When I realized that my back was really messed up and was not getting better as quickly as I wanted, I called the chiropractor that I had met a year earlier. He remembered me and told me to come right over for help. He even gave me a discount. I saw him once a week at first, and now I don’t even need his help because his help made me feel good again.