Mom is Helping with the Kids’ Gifts This Year

My mom still wants to be the one to buy the big ticket items for the kids. She knows that my wife and I struggle at times to make ends meet. We have two wonderful children, and they have a grandmother that spoils them. Still, they are really great kids. Mom told me she will be taking advantage of the Cyber Monday sales for 2015 to get the kids the electronic gadgets they have been really wanting. Those big sales make it all that much easier to make them really smile when they open their gifts.

I am not ashamed to admit that I am very happy that my mom really wants to get the electronic gifts for the kids this year. We have had a wage freeze where I work. It was either that or layoffs. And since no one knew who would be going in the layoff, we voted for the wage freeze. There have been no raises or bonuses at all this year. Most of us are looking for new work, but the industry is in decline. That makes spending for the holidays a risky venture. We will not risk losing our home just so the kids can open up gifts.

Mom is retired and is not wealthy. However, she is frugal and owns her own place. Her car is newer and paid for too. She says she does not mind buying for the kids. She loves them and they love her. Mom is not in a place that she can just go out and pay full retail though. She does have to take advantage of the the best Cyber Monday sales for 2015. She absolutely refuses to go out on Black Friday, and was very happy when Cyber Monday came around as a shopping opportunity online a few years ago. Mom is a really savvy Internet shopper.