Working on Some Storage Options Right Now

I have started to think about how to best manage my data needs and of course there are a lot of options that were not there the last time this came up. For starters you want to think about Cloud storage reviews and how that can give you a lot of flexibility. The down side of this sort of thing is probably the security, which is less than what you would like it to be it would seem from all that I can tell. It appears that you can break in to these systems if you really try. For example they had all those break ins where the celebrity women had their photos stolen. That was apparently done rather simply. In most case these people used passwords which were easy to guess based on simple security questions.

For most places they use the same one, what is your Mother’s maiden name. That is something that you can not easily guess if it is a random person. However if it is a world famous celebrity, then their mother’s maiden name is all over the world wide web. The other ones are tougher to guess. For example they might ask you who your favorite author was. If it was me I might say Philip Jose Farmer, but only because I do not think that would be something people would guess right off. People would guess that you would say Salinger or Mark Twain or some other other more contemporary writer. I would guess that Farmer would be one of the people that you might guess if you had a list. That is probably how they go about this, they use lists of different answers. Of course there are going to be some security questions where the answer would be very difficult to guess.